The actress was raped at the age of fifteen!!!

US actress, model Demi Moore has revealed some of the horrific events of her life this year.  Moore says he was raped at the age of fifteen.

According to the British media Mirror, Online Edition of India TV reports that some of the more surprising events have emerged in his new autobiographical book.

News media quoted The New York Times as saying that the book also writes about the successful Hollywood career from childhood to adulthood.

 It can also be seen in his widely discussed marriage with actors Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher.  Moore also wrote about his three daughters.

 About writing from life experience, Moore said: 'It is exciting and I think I will get a lot of criticism.  Here's why I had to do those things.  Because my success is not guiding me.  It's more than awakening, plus it's a comeback. '

 The actress also wrote about abortion during the romance with Ashton.  She lost a six-month-old daughter when she was pregnant at 28.  At that time, Moore was 12 and Ashton was 25.

 Moore-Ashton has been together for six long years since that incident.  In the 21st they separated.  A year later, they were legally separated.

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