The top five phones are among the best budgets!!

How is everyone Assalamu Alaikum? So today in this episode we will look at the best smartphones worth Tk 20,000.  Although there are many good quality phones available in this budget.
 But out of these good quality phones we have trouble finding out which phone will be the best.
 So today's post is the solution to that problem.
 Today we will see the most popular brand phones in this price range.  And the target will be 1GB RAM on the phone.

Samsung Galaxy A30

For those who prefer to use the phone of the brand, it will be best given the phone has 4 GB RAM and 4 GB internal memory.
 The regular price of the phone is Tk 225 but it is special discounted on Eid
 Buyers will get the chance to buy it for 20 bucks.
 We all know that Samsung gives their phone display better than other brands.
 So this phone also has a 9.5 inch Super AMOLED display that is capable of giving a very original color.
 And a 3-megapixel camera has been given for selfie lifting.  On the back, there is a dual back camera setup of 5-7 megapixels.
 The Exynos 3 processor has the phone.  For a long time the phone is equipped with 5 milliampere battery.
 So if you prefer to use a Samsung phone, feel free to buy it.

Huawei Y9

Interested in buying a bigger phone?  Then this phone is for you.  The 9.5 inch Notch display phone can be bought for just 20 bucks.  The phone has been given 4GB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory to run at super fast speed.
 And don't worry about battery backup because it has a good battery of 4,000 milliamperes.
 Huawei's own chipset Kiren has been used on the OctaCore processor's phone, which features sophisticated intelligence. The front camera of the phone is given 5 and 2 megapixels and rear camera is given a dual camera setup of 5 and 2 megapixels, which makes it really great video and selfie.
 So if you are a camera lover then the phone will be best for you so feel free to buy.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

The main attraction of this phone is its camera.  The Redmi Note 3 smartphone has a 5-megapixel large sensor on the main camera.
 It has dual lens setup with a 5 megapixel sensor which will be useful in AI and portrait mode.
 Qualcomm Snapdragon 5 is the processor of this phone.  Its selfie camera is 3 megapixel, which has taken place in the water drop dance.
 The dual foray advantage of the 9.5-inch Notch display is a good backup on the phone, with 4,000 milliampere battery.
 4 GB of RAM phone to buy the 4 GB internal storage version will have to be charged 1 Taka.  The 120 gigabyte version will be available for 25 bucks.
 If you really want to buy a good quality camera phone within this budget then I would say this phone is just for you.

Vivo Y95

This is the first vivo to use the Full View display on a less expensive phone
 Did.  The main attraction of the phone is its fingerprint sensor, which is square-shaped.
 Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 OctaCore processor phone can be purchased for 5 bucks.
 There is a 26 megapixel front camera for selfie lifting on the phone with a decimal 22 inch display.  Behind it is a 2 and 2 megapixel dual camera.
 This 4GB of RAM is used for storage.  The phone is powered by Android 4.1 Oreo operating system.
 The phone's battery is 5 milliamperes.

Oppo A7

This phone has a waterdrop screen and a powerful 120 mAh Lyon battery.  This handset has a 5 megapixel front camera and A + 2 megapixel dual rear camera with AI 2.0 (Artificial Intelligence).
 The price is 5 bucks.  It has 4GB of RAM and 1GB of internal storage.

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