What to keep in mind before buying a laptop!!

The first thing that comes first before buying a laptop is the budget.

Decide how much money you will spend in advance, or if you do not understand what you should.  Rather, it can be seen that you are thinking beyond your reach.

1) The second thing that comes up is your needs.

Suppose you buy a laptop to browse the net or watch a movie.  The budget does not matter.  Would you buy a Core i7 laptop or buy a dual core?  Okay, so buy a Core i3 laptop (Core i3 but dual core structurally).  Instead, if you have a larger budget, you can look at other things, such as a touch-monitor or the weight of a laptop, etc.
 If you want to play graphics or play high quality games then you must buy a high quality laptop (eg Core i5 / Core i7 and at least 1GB good quality graphics card), however, desktop is best for these tasks.

2) Processor

Must be a good quality processor.  I mentioned this twenty years ago.  However
 For one thing, I think a core i3 or equivalent processor should be used for general purpose.  Another thing, if you have Intel's processor, you must note, what generation is it?  At this point I would say, definitely 3rd generation or 3rd generation.  Due to budget, taking 2nd generation is not a problem.  The fourth generation does not matter.

3) RAM

We do not often notice this when it comes to the processor.  Even though a typical standard laptop now has 2GB RAM, it is better to have 1-4GB.  What is noticeable in the case of RAM, is the RAM DDR2 or DDR3?  DDR3 is better than DDR2.  Another thing, how much is the bus speed of RAM?  3 or 3.  If 3 is good, but 3 is not bad. R, Can you build RAM in the future or not?  That is, how many RAM slots?  2 o'clock is good.

4) Hard Disk 

In our country, it is good to buy a hard disk in the state of the net.  We cannot store all the files on the net unless we want to, and cannot watch HD video from King YouTube.  It has movie / music, software backup files etc.  Your hard disk must be 5GB for infinity. The only thing to keep in mind is the RPM of the hard disk.  120 rpm is better than 5.  Those thinking of high quality laptops should keep in mind solid state drive (SSD).

5) Graphics

 What's your graphics, integrated or dedicated, which will be?  If you watch high quality video or play high quality games or do graphics work, then of course, dedicated graphics will be taken, Intel HD 5 or 3 is enough.  Another thing to note, high quality graphics means more power loss and higher temperatures.  So, there is something to worry about when the current is gone.  You can also use the cooler to avoid high temperatures.  Now, of course, dual graphics laptops are available.  You can use any graphics you want (Intel HD or dedicated graphics).

8) Display

How big will your display be?  If you watch a movie, you can pick up the 5 "but if you think about the convenience of transportation, then the" 5 "would be better.  Is the display LCD or LED?  Of course LED is good.  Resolution?  The more the better.  You will also find larger screens in the market, especially in the market.

9) Battery 

How long the battery is backed up is very important.  Before buying, know how long you will get backed up. Normally 1 cell and 4 cell battery are available.  Besides, there are 4 cell and 4 cell batteries.
 Laptop batteries, like mobile batteries, also have mAh (milli ampere hour) or Ah (ampere hour) which indicate the capacity of the battery.

Configured the laptop, now what brand to buy?  (This is something many writers avoid) Another thing that comes along is that, buy from the country or bring it from the advanced country through acquaintances (who have)?

 After the words of the brand, I do not say country or foreign before.  According to many, the laptop of the same model is better in Europe / US than Bangladesh.  I'm not sure, but I think the truth is.

 But one thing to keep in mind, if you have a problem with bringing a laptop from abroad, you can get the warranty in this country, be sure in advance.
 Again, not all that bad in the country, but rather, many times we buy fake laptops.  Or, because of the lower prices, the quality is worse.  If you buy well-understood, then the laptop goes a long time if it is not very bad luck.

 I would usually say, if you buy a laptop of a small or fairly budget like me, you can buy it from the country, but if you want to buy a high quality or high cost laptop then you can bring it from outside.

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